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slitaz saves @ home but wont relode on another computer
  • MattMatt January 2010
    Hey in case you are wondering yes im i windows user and now for my question

    When i use the USB drive at my house i have all of my files saved on my usb device (i thought) then i take my usbdevice to school and when i run it on the school computers all my settings are gone (weird i know)
    but when i come home and run slitaz from my laptop all my settings restore is there i certan file that i need to add to the backup file and what do i need to type i already added [slitaz home=usb] after the big command well i have

    display isolinux.msg
    label slitaz
    kernel /boot/bzImage
    append initrd=/boot/rootfs.gz rw root=/dev/null vga=normal autologin slitaz home=usb

    include common.cfg

    is this the correct thing i need to have to allow me to use my usb at school.

    this is not as important as the wireless problem that i am still trying to fix i had to download the files from my windows laptop and then i will figure out what to do from there

    PS this is the second best os that i have ever used but it is in my top 5 for portable os second to windows

  • sporkspork January 2010
    *** Long boring Lecture about Linux disks ***

    Does your data appear on your laptop when you boot into Windows? If not:
    Slitaz might see /dev/sda (usually an SATA or a USB drive) as your USB stick (in the home=usb option), and that is correct for your laptop (as it might have an IDE drive; therefore, it would show up as /dev/hda). However, since the computer at school may have an SATA drive, _that_ will appear as /dev/sda, and your USB stick as /dev/sdb - your data won't be in /dev/sda.

    *** Simple Solution ***

    So when you go to school, try changing home=usb to home=/dev/sdb1 .

    Of course, this can be vice-versa also.
  • MattMatt January 2010
    ok i have noticed that when i use both the school and home computer when i open the gpart it says that sda is my laptop/school hdd as a usb so i willtry your option at home after school thanks
  • MattMatt January 2010
    Hey i tryed your idea and it worked(sofar i will check @ home today) right now i restarted the school computer 3 times and it worked 2 times the first time it was i typeo i needed to put home=/dev/sda1 but i had home=/dev/sdb1 it turns out that the computer sees the hdd as something like dev/sda and my usb drives as /dev/sda1 or sdb1 etc so thanks again and now im back to the wireless problem again O_o i still can't get it working i need further help

    Thanks Matt
  • MattMatt January 2010
    the cooking one worked but the stable one failed at school i will reinstall it and try tomorrow

    still cant the wireless to work

    Sorry that i have closed this discussion but the most recent info that have recieved worked thanks spork for all your help.
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