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Wireless Driver Help
  • MattMatt January 2010
    hey i installed slitaz on my 1GB usb stick and i am running this on my new laptop what i want to know is if theres any way that i can connect to the wireless card its built in and i can't figure out how to open up tazpkg files i tryed to access them in windows but failed my wireless card is a Athros AR5B95 so can someone send me a link to these drivers in a .ini in a .exe or .rar file i can only use .exe files and .rar files sorry but untill i get internet and my usb os working im not looking into files that need to be opened in tazpkg and are used to open .tazpkg O_o it is located in the other files so anyone please help p.s. its slitaz 2.0 stable in the usb iso file
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    Hi Matt --

    If you have the Windows drivers, you can use software called 'ndiswrapper' which allows the Windows drivers to be understood by Linux. It's not the most fantastic of software, but it's the best we have until proper Linux driver support is offered!

    I believe there is an 'ndiswrapper' package which can be installed via the Package Manager application. Just double click the package in the list to install it, or type the following at the command line as root user:

    tazpkg get-install ndiswrapper*

    Next, go to the directory in which the Windows driver is and type in a command line:

    ndiswrapper -i <whateverthedriveris>.inf

    and it should install it in to ndiswrapper. To use it, you need to load ndiswrapper (which also loads all the ndiswrapped drivers in one go) with this:

    modprobe ndiswrapper

    You can chekc if it's found the driver and the hardware that goes with it:

    ndiswrapper -l

    That'll get the driver installed. Beware though: my driver (or ndiswrapper) isn't good enough to let me connect to protected networks. It's the same in Fedora using the same driver. I hope you have better luck :)

    I think there's also another thread about the forum on Atheros cards, but I might be wrong.

    Hope this helps you get started, good luck!
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    BTW: TazPkg s the package system used by SliTaz. It's the equivelant to .deb or.rpm which you do not open but install. They contain the files, yes, but also meta-data, scripts that run when you install the package, etc. :)
  • MattMatt January 2010
    Hey thanks for the info i hope it works im @ school now and i remember that the drivers for the wireless is a .sys (i think i may be wrong) but i know that it is not a .inf and my os is the new windows 7 if i had xp think that id have better luck so is there a link to a .inf file???

    Also why when i transport my usb stick to school my settings are @ default but when i return home my settings return how can make my drive a full portable os what files do i need to backup to the stick its self.

    Thanks in advance Matt
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    IIRC ndiswrapper prefers .inf, so the XP drivers would probs be best. Refer to the ndiswrapper docs, though, because it might be okay to use .sys's.

    Try looking at partitioning the USB drive in to two, using the second as /home and using the kernel flag.
  • MattMatt January 2010
    thanks for the help but it only installed the ndiswrapper but my wireless still wont reconize also can you give me a ex of what driver i will need for a Athros AR5B95 card thanks.

    oh i will try the partitioning thing hopefully i wont fuck up my laptop thanks again and i will check the docs
  • MattMatt January 2010
    now that i think about it my wireless worked (not the best) when i had slitaz cooking i will backup my old drive and install slitaz cooking on the old drive and then i will try to find what it was that made it work this wireless is getting to be a pain maybe in the next version of slitaz there should have a easyer way to install the drivers ohh well atleast when i solve this pain in the rear i will be happyer
  • MattMatt January 2010
    cooking wireless works but now i know that i need to install ath9k module now i have found the file im looking fo but its a .gz or something in the stable verson all the modules are not installed so how do i install modules and how do i know which module is right for me

  • MattMatt January 2010
    i tryed to part my usb in to and it didn't work i think i did the wrong thing so can some one give me a full walkthru or tend me to a link that will explain everything

    Thanks Matt

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