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Create .tazpkg file?
  • ElmiElmi January 2010
    I afraid I missed something important: I have a receipt, put it to /home/slitaz/wok//, I found the command

    tazwok genpkg

    but I don't know where to put the files to that have to be put into this package. I do not want tazwok to compile something, I already have the binaries. So how do I tell tazwok to use my files?
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    Hi Elmi --

    There are two types of packages: those that are pre-built binaries that are unpacked in to a filesystem (tazpkg used to package and install); others are source code that gets compiled, then unpacked (made with tazwok, installed with tazpkg).

    As you have binaries, the command you want is
    tazpkg pack
    rather than using TazWok.

    You should be able to find the Handbook or manual page somewhere. I can't remember the details as I'm on Fedora atm, but if you unzip a simple package, you should be able to work out the format.

  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
  • ElmiElmi January 2010
    Thx :-)

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