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Trying to install Slitaz on hard disk
  • Nate901Nate901 January 2010
    Hi. I'm trying to install Slitaz from a, Ophcrack LiveCD instead of a a download from Maybe that's the root of my problem but please note running it from the cdrom works fine anyway. I'm trying to follow the instructions on the HD install page here ( ) and it goes through fine until it reaches the step where it's 'extracting the root system'. At the extracting it goes to about 50% then the system locks up. Going to try and re-partition the hard drive and start over. Thanks for your help.
  • babaorumbabaorum January 2010
    Hi Nate,

    Shouldn't you try first to install a 'native' SliTaz distribution from official website, to make sure you have the right stuff to test with installation tutorial from official wiki ?

    Then do you have enough RAM memory ? I cannot say what is the step not to go below, but I think it may limit the extraction of the root system.

    -- Babaorum

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