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TOR & Privoxy
  • MohammadMohammad January 2010
    I installed TOR & Privoxy but how i could load them to surfing anonymousely ?
  • LineaLinea January 2010
    Hi Mohammad

    There might be a problem with the config files in /etc/privoxy.

    If any of them are named, etc. Just remove the .new


    PS: can someone recook? I think an older version in the wok caused the config files to be renamed. Thanks.
  • MohammadMohammad January 2010
    Thanks Linea , what commands do i use to run TOR&Privoxy ?
  • LineaLinea January 2010
    Hi Mohammad

    I'm assuming you've already installed the tor and privoxy packages in the Cooking repo (and edited the files):

    # echo 'forward-socks4a / .' >> /etc/privoxy/config
    # /etc/init.d/privoxy start
    $ tor &

    And just change the Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Network/Settings box in Firefox so that it reads:

    * Manual proxy configuration

    HTTP Proxy: Port 8118
    SSL Proxy: Port 8118

    PS: this should work OK in stable too (without editing the config files).

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