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Can't connect Slitaz to internet via ethernet cable
  • SnoringFrogSnoringFrog December 2009
    I can't get Slitaz hooked up to the internet. I have the ethernet cable plugged into the laptop and the other end into the router, but no interent. I was following the instructions I found here: (but I'm not using and eee, it was just something that came up when I googled for help). I got down to "then start ethernet
    menu > system tools > Netbox Configure networking
    click on start
    you should now have an ethernet connection" When I click on start under DHCP on the Netboz configure networking box, nothing happens.

  • SnoringFrogSnoringFrog December 2009
    I tried that, but no luck. The DHCP section didn't help, and when I went to the install network card driver section, I also got nowhere. When I tried this command: "lspci | grep [Ee]th" it returned nothing. Would this mean that there is no network card at all? I'm no good with hardware, so I'm thinking that my ignorance might have had me overlook that.
  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009
    How is the ethernet adapter connected to the laptop?
    USB,internal,or PC card which plugs into a cardbus slot and is removable.

    Internal or PC card

    Copy and paste the results of these commands:
    tazhw detect-pci


    Install usbutils

    Copy and paste the results of these commands:
    tazhw detect-usb

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