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Automount CD / DVD / USB pendrive, etc.?
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    So, it looks like these things won't automagically mount upon insertion in 2.0; do they in cooking? Is there a way to enable this? I'd like to make an icon appear on the desktop / lefthand column of the filemanager window along with other drives.
  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009
    Not only should they automount, but a regular user should be able to write to them as well.I found that if you use mount box, or double click in PCmanfm to mount any drive you have to be root user to write to it. So then I found if I mounted it myself at the command line or fstab I could write to it as user tux.So I add an fstab entry and made a subfolder mountpoint in /media and writefs to save it.At that point I discovered that writefs wouldn't save any added folders which is very strange indeed.I make a mount folder in /home/tux/Desktop,redit fstab,writefs again to save the fstab.But now the fstab is executed long before /home is mounted so no mount point folder error. I add the mount commands to the /etc/init.d/ which worked but screwed up udhcp so I had no internet access.I feel like I'm in a loop chasing my tail trying to get this ntfs-3g drive mounted so a regular user can write to it.Any help would be appreciated,I know no guarantees.:))
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    Update: USB flash drives work fine; my bad!

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