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Editing LXPanel menu
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    I would like, on certain logins, the main LXPanel "Start" menu to not show certain installed programmes. Adding the string NoDisplay=true to the .desktop files works within /usr/share/applications, but I've been told I can copy those files to ~/.local/share/applications and have the NoDisplay=true option be only for a specific user. This hasn't worked, though. Any suggestions?

    * spork:

    Also: The "spider" icon is in /usr/share/pixmaps (named slitaz-menu.png). Just copy your image into that directory and name it slitaz-menu.png (it will overwrite the slitaz icon and wil change everyone's Menu icon, so beware). But be careful - if you upgrade slitaz-configs, your custom icon will be overwritten by the default one!

    Awesome, dude! Thanks!
  • slicelslicel January 2010
    I do not know but there is also .local/share/desktop-directories. Maybe group permissions for the applications would work.

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