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Openbox manipulation
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    This isn't a question so much as a comment, but some insight might be appreciated.

    I'm not quite sure what "composite" does, under the right-click "Desktop Effects" Openbox menu, but I figured that and "shadow" had something to do with making things "prettier" - which would be nice, being as prettiness is why I was initially looking at "bigger" distroes. However, anytime I pick either "Activate composite" or "Activate shadow," X comes to a screeching halt. I can move the cursor around, but not much else; CPU Usage Monitor freezes. Don't know if anybody else is having this bug, er, feature, and it's not a big deal to me, but figured I should mention it.

    Also, I'm just gonna stick this here, since I couldn't justify starting a new thread given that nobody's gonna know the answer. ;) The "spider menu" on the left side of the LXPanel, the not-Start menu, how do you edit its appearance? I don't mean the stuff in the main menu (which is why it's been so hard to google an answer to this) but that spider icon itself.
  • seawolfseawolf December 2009
    Hi Vinyl --

    A nice shadow & fade-in appearance thing I use is xcompmgr. It's in the repos and I use the following line the 'Auto-started Applications' program to start it with log-in:

    xcompmgr -c -r 10 -f -F -D 5

    Hope it helps!
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    Is that what happened? I tried to call on something that wasn't there?
  • seawolfseawolf December 2009
    I would hazard a guess that the graphics driver in use isn't a 3D-capable one; I only told of xcompmgr because it works with VESA drivers :)

    Which graphics card & driver are you currently using?
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    No, wait, I know this one.... I think it's a "Voodoo videocard"...? 'Cause that's what my friend wrote on the case before giving up on selling it and having me take it.
    And I assume I'm using the VESA driver, 'cause that's just what comes installed default, right...?
  • sporkspork December 2009
    To see your videocard, type this in a terminal:
    lspci | grep VGA

    It will show the manufacturer and the model number (according to Slitaz).

    Also: The "spider" icon is in /usr/share/pixmaps (named slitaz-menu.png). Just copy your image into that directory and name it slitaz-menu.png (it will overwrite the slitaz icon and wil change everyone's Menu icon, so beware). But be careful - if you upgrade slitaz-configs, your custom icon will be overwritten by the default one!

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