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USB Ethernet adaptor
  • TosaboTosabo December 2009
    in basic Slitaz there is missing support for USB-Eth adaptor /ADMtek 8511 chip, pegasus driver/.
    Other small distros like DSL, Puppy etc. have it. How to add or enable it ?
    Please remember there is no Internet connection with Slitaz, so it must be done offline.

  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009
    Download from match the packages to the SliTaz version.

    Install libusb and usbutils tazpkgs

    Open Xterm and type lsusb enter

    Verify the adapter is listed

    Xterm as root tazhw detect-usb

    If it detects the device and has the module it should load it.

    Verify with ifconfigthat ethernet adapter is installed

    Post the ENTIRE line that refers to the ethernet adapter with the lsusb command if it doesn't work.

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