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problem with usb
  • claudclaud December 2009
    Hello everyone
    While I am new to Linux as well as this forum
    I wanted to install on a USB stick slitax.
    in the end, despite some inconvenience I did ... but I noticed that on the pc fixed linux has no problem loading, while on the laptop (asus x7010 series) 98% of the time it doesn't goes: I get a black screen that says "welcome in your box. pres enter to activate this console."
    Pressing the indications are sending me , but what frightens me more is:

    ophcrack[1416]: segfault at 46 ip b6b8ca18 sp bfc76c48 erro4 in[b6b2e00+159000]
    /home/tux/ line 100: 1416 segmentation fault ophcrack -d / -t $TABLES_INLINE -w $FOUND/ -N $numcpu -0 /tmp/ophhcrack.txt $opts
    Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = -110709498 ns )

    Someone could explain what it means and why?
    thank you so much

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