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startx doesnt work - Geforce 9600m GT (using JHL90 notebook)
  • KastellSCKastellSC December 2009
    I tried all the resolution options on the tazx configurator and removed /root/.xsession and i still cant go into the X enviroment. Anyone have any idea or sugestion of something i can try?
    I am thinking in installing nvidia drivers and recompiling kernel, but seems too much work. I just wanna a X enviroment, with any resolution...
  • KastellSCKastellSC December 2009
    just to register the solution: startx never worked... but its possible to start the X enviroment with the command slim
    With slim, everythink works great
  • slicelslicel January 2010
    The old forum had much information about nvidia. Try a xorg flavor if xvesa does not work.

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