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few problems with new slitaz install
  • DaeDae December 2009

    I have just installed slitaz and its very nice. I am moving from windows because its too slow/bloated/insecure. I am however having a few problems getting everything how I would like it. I have listed them below in order of priority (highest first). If anybody can assist me I would be most welcome as I am a complete linux newb. Thankyou.

    1) google earth says it using software rendering because it cant find a video driver and all the text are back squares. So I download ati linux driver for my 9600 but during instilation I get message "Error: ./ does not support version
    deafult:v2:i686:lib::none2.6.25.5-slitaz; make sure that the version is being correctly set by --iscurrentdistro"

    2) In preferences > screen size there is no option to choose the native resolution for my monitor which is 1440X900

    3) my hercules fortisimo 3 7.1 pci card is not detected. Slitaz insted only sees my onboard sound chip which does work but is only 2 channel and I cant find any linux drivers for the fortisimo, what should i do?

    4) My drives do not automount on startup. I have to click on them in pcman file manager for them to mount. How do I enable automount on boot?

    5) I have added lots of progams to application launch bar, as a result there is little room for task bar. How do I put one above the other, or have app launch bar at side of screen and task bar at bottom?

  • sporkspork December 2009
    Answer to #1:

    Try adding --iscurrentdistro to the installation program: [installation_program] --iscurrentdistro


    The VESA driver (which comes default with Slitaz) doesn't support that resolution with your card, but installing the ATI driver should let you change the resolution.


    LXpanel (The Slitaz default panel) can't "expand" to two rows, I'm afraid. Sounds like you need a dock!

    Or, you can install the XFCE panel, and run that alongside LXpanel (on the top or sides).

    Have fun, and enjoy Slitaz!
  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009
    Google Earth is 3D graphics, you have to install xorg-server then the ati driver which is explained under xorg here Once that is accomplished maybe you can get close to the 1440x900 resolution. To get your add on pci soundcard up turn off the onboard sound in the bios. If that doesn't work verify you have the linux-sound modules installed.tazpkg search linux-sound and
    report the results of lspci all commands done as root.

    Post the complete line with the word audio in it.

    For example:00:0c.0 Multimedia audio controller: Yamaha Corporation DS1L Audio
  • kernelpanickernelpanic December 2009
    @ Dae: possible solution to point 5.:

    just add another panel (rightclick on existing panel, click on "add panel").
    you then have the choice to put it where you want it to be. configure it however you like with rightclick on the panel, you will see the choices.

  • haseebmrnhaseebmrn December 2009
    i have a problem aswell im new the siltaz and i dont know how to add java can anyone help me for the guild ?

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