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firefox hangs pc, if iptables is installed
  • deadwaitdeadwait December 2009
    if i install iptables which brings along linux-netfilter and then open up firefox, the laptop completely hangs
    and the same behaviour continues until i uninstall both.
    anyone else having the same issue?
  • PayoonPayoon December 2009
    I have a similar experience ( both with cooking 2.0 and 3.0). I installed iptables then in /etc/firewall.conf in change from IPTABLES_RULES="no" to IPTABLES_RULES="yes". Then reboot and then I can't open any website because the traffic is blocked somehow (but hte PC doesn't hang). After turning everything back web is possible. I have posted in the old forum, but nobody seemed to know a way to solve it.
  • deadwaitdeadwait December 2009
    are you having acer aspire one by any chance, just on a tangent , im thinking if this is related with the Atheros lan card driver issue, because i had a tough time getting it to work, and it finally did only after jozee provided the latest driver.
  • PayoonPayoon December 2009
    I have nvidia mcp61 ethernet on a desktop amd64 x2 and I have tested at least 10 times to get iptables firewall working, but without any success. As soon as I change to IPTABLES_RULES="yes" the browser doesn't open any page for me.

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