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Installing from source--rather than cookin
  • slitazmslitazm February 2011
    I am trying to install an application called octopussy.  I am not cooking it. I am just installing it from source by ensuring 
    the pre-requisites are installed and by running he script. I am getting the below errors when the service is 
    attempting to start. 

    Name "AAT::Translation::I18N::en_us::Lexicon" used only once:  possible typo at /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/Locale/ 
    line 443.
    Deep recursion on subroutine "AAT::XML::Read" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/AAT/ line 89.
    Deep recursion on subroutine AAT::Syslog::Message" at /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.0/AAT/
    Deep recursion on subroutine "AAT::FS::File" at /usr/.....AAT/
    Deep recursion on subroutine "AAT::Application::File" at /usr/.....AAT/

    This application requires quite a few Perl modules installed via CPAN. It also requires syslog to be stopped and rsyslog to 
    be installed. I also installed rsyslog from source (and did not try to cook it first).

    So a few questions:

    1. Is it okay to install apps from source rather than try and cook the package?  
    2.  Since both applications are daemons (octopussy and rsyslog), they seem to be tricky to install since your service daemon 
    startup structure is not straightforward or typical.  Can anybody suggest some basic pointers on how to properly install a daemon
    on slitaz?
    3.  Can anybody make sense of these recursion errors? I have ensured that all the perl modules are loaded. I sense that 
    the slitaz directory structure make have caused a few modules to not be installed properly or perhaps that the busybox 
    commands (which do not support all the feature sets of coreutils) may be responsible for not installing the modules 

    Thanks for any help!  

  • babaorumbabaorum February 2011

    1. Yup, why not ?
    2. Install a daemon is just the way to install any application (a daemon IS an application). The hot point is to launch the daemon at each windows manager session. Here is where the Taz Control box is useful. Go to Slitaz menu > System tools > Control box, then display "Initialization" (second tab) and look for the "Run daemons" form field: add here, at the end of the line, your daemon shell command (separator is space). Click change, reboot session (disconnect-reconnect) and it should be done
    3. I can hardly tell if this log show warnings (no lethal errors) or die errors (lethal errors). Then, maybe installation has correctly proceeded though.
      If Busybox show some limitations, you can always install "coreutils-xxx" packages (there is one super-global-meta-package and several smaller meta-packages) with Tazpkg, the commands will overcrowd those embedded by Busybox. You can also install "bash" the same way.
    Not sure if I've helped a bit.
  • ErjoErjo February 2011

    1. Like said babaorum, why not ?

    2. Sometimes you have to adapt those init scripts to SliTaz. Or you can use /etc/init.d/ to start you daemon.
    Read the README file in /etc/init.d
    3. Yes busybox applets have limitation.
    Installing PERL modules from CPAN doesn't present any difficulties or imcompatibilities.

    I will try to install octopussy in my side and try to help you. And why not cooking...

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