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Trouble installing from live cd
  • lewylewy February 2011


    I tried to install Slitaz 3.0 from a live cd to an old Thinkpad. keep on getting this message "Unable to find: rootfs.gz". Any help would be appreciated.


  • ErjoErjo February 2011

    slitaz-install failed to mount your cdrom drive.
    Check if  /dev/cdrom is linked to the right device.

  • lewylewy February 2011
    I believe that it is, but being that I'm a newbie to Linux I would appreciate if you explain that a little more clearly so that I can be sure.
  • OldGuyOldGuy February 2011
    Slitaz is looking for the rootfs.gz file which is the initrd file used to boot the system.
    This file comes with your LiveCD. Therefore Slitaz will look for it in the /media/cdrom/boot directory.
    Unfortunatelly, if your LiveCD is not mounted, Slitaz won't find the file and throw this error.

    You could try to mount the cdrom as root within a shell.
    Open a xterm session, become root (..:~$ su -) and enter "mount /media/cdrom"
    If that doesn't work, enter "mount /dev/xyz /media/cdrom" whereby you would have to replace 'xyz' with the device name of your cd device.

    There is a /boot Dir on the CD which contains the rootfs.gz as well as the bzImage file required for the installation. As the CD should now be mounted under /media/cdrom, Slitaz-installer now finds the required files and will go on with the installation.

    BTW, if you succeed with the setup and you use a different language then English, you can append the kernel line in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file to avoid the selection of your language and keyboard layout each time you boot. Just memorize the selection you choose the first time you boot into your new system (e.g. de_DE and de-latin1 if you want to use the German language/keymap) and append lang=de_DE kmap=de-latin1 to the line starting with 'kernel' in /boot/grub/menu.lst.

    Have fun with your System.
  • lewylewy February 2011
    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. Will try later.

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