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Updating Slitaz
  • cpcnwcpcnw November 2009
    Its the weekend so am back in Slitaz!

    My question is - I installed Slitaz 2 from CD onto hard disc partition then added my XPP partition for dual boot. I then tweaked Slitaz, added stuff, added nvidia driver, tweaked my xorg.conf and now have a nice desktop.

    So, if I want to update all the packages to their latest - is that possible with one command?

    Or do I have to start again? Or wait for Slitaz 3.0 and install fresh? How do updates work in Slitaz?
  • deadwaitdeadwait November 2009
    tazpkg upgrade
  • seawolfseawolf November 2009
    As root:

    tazpkg recharge

    gets the latest list of packages from the mirrors. It should list the packages which are different. You apply that with:

    tazpkg upgrade

    and it'll whistle through them.

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