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Live USB
  • joshh88joshh88 November 2009
    I know that I can use unetbootin to load a livecd version of Slitaz onto the usb, but I want it to be totally customizable as in when I change something I want it to save to usb the current changes. Like when I get the wireless working and appearance changed to my likings; so the next time i use it it is all ready from the get go. I tried it before by using the built in usb creator but it still did not work properly. Any help please.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Use tazusb liveusb and then you can writefs at logout.
  • joshh88joshh88 November 2009
    I tried that when 2.0 was first available but everytime I saved with a new wallpaper and new programs it didnt work. I'll have to try again
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    I am not familiar with unetbootin but you can boot fresh and make a tazusb liveusb according to this:

    Install a small program to test. Do you see a gui option to save the fs (writefs) when you click the logout gui from the main menu? That should save programs installed during this session for next time.

    For wallpapers, you might have to writefs to add a new wallpaper image to the system but, once done, I think the user's selection is stored on /home without having to writefs.
  • joshh88joshh88 November 2009
    ya it never asked about saving when i logged out. I dont have the usb right now so I will install the latest cooking version and try again cause I love slitaz

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