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resolv.conf permissions change upon disconnecting from wvdial [SOLVED]
  • ms3811ms3811 November 2010
    I noticed that after everytime I use wvdial to connect to the Internet through a 3G dongle, any attempts to connect to the Internet thereafter would fail. After looking around a bit, I realized that I could connect as a root, however a normal user could not.
    more /etc/resolv.conf

    results in a 'permission denied' error. If I manually enable 'read' for group as well as other users (root permissions do not change), then I can connect again.

    Turns out everything is fine till the point wvdial establishes connection. You can browse, et al. When you hit CTRL+C on wvdial to disconnect, permissions for resolv.conf changes to root(rwx) and nothing for everyone else.

    I did not see this problem with stable (I'm using the latest cooking).
  • erniaernia November 2010
  • ms3811ms3811 November 2010
    That was it. Adding umask 022 to the beginning of both the scripts solved it. Sorry, I should looked a little harder in the forums.

    So I guess this issue went away in stable and is back now in cooking?
  • erniaernia November 2010
    don't worry :-)
    i found it in cooking last month, as far as i know it's only a cooking problem
    please, put solved in topic title to help others searching for solution
  • ms3811ms3811 November 2010
    sure thing. thanks again.

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