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(SOLVED) [NEWBIE need help] [1]Error message [2] failed execute login
  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    I see an error message like this.

    Error : Unable to estabilish connection with FAM.
    Do you have "FAM" or "Gamin" instaled and running?

    what is FAM? and what is GAMIN?
    I've just installed geanny and pidgin.

    how to resolved this?
  • seawolfseawolf October 2010
    Hi @stopstock --

    This happens when PCManFM (file manager & desktop program) doesn't start correctly. You can logout & in again or right-click to find a 'Run' box and start pcmanfm that way. (I've bound Win+R to the Run box but that's another matter) I'm not yet sure of why this happens!

  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    @seawolf, thanks, its helped.

    now I have a new problem.
    I can't login as normal user. there's a message 'cannot execute login'
    I was follow the other tips on this forum, but it still doesn't work.

    and I always think "this is really fun" because I can recognize my own computer and my slitaz.

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