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cant load kernel after installed slitaz on flashdisk
  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    I'm tried to install slitaz on my flashdisk.
    I'm using slitaz installer and my flashdisk detected as SDA1.
    when istalling started till finished, everything is fine without any error messages.
    but when it booting. apparently there is a message "kernel not found" or "can't load kernel" (sorry I don't remember the message)
    what should I do to fix this problem?
    or maybe someone here have any tutorial how to install slitaz on flashdisk?

  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    second try.

    I formated my usb and make 2 partition using fdisk.

    And i edit grub/menu.lst with adding rootdelay=10

    and boot my pc. and I choose first boot from usb.

    But it won't booting
    there's a message
    VMI UI (sorry i don't remember the message)

  • stopstockstopstock October 2010

    added rootdelay at GRUB

    now i can boot my slitaz from usb.

    Ganbatte! Fighting! Semangat!
  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    I asked permition to write the steps at my blog.
  • mojomojo October 2010
  • stopstockstopstock October 2010
    thankyou. yes thats my bad. I re-read it, maybe a hundred of times :P
    and I miss it.
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