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Booting from CD
  • MaxMax November 2009
    I downloaded Slitaz and burned it to a CD using ImgBurn software. I think I did something wrong though because the files are on the cd but when I start up the computer it doesn't startup slitaz it starts up windows vista. I've never used a live distro before so maybe I'm missing something here. First off what (preferably) Free program do you use to burn Slitaz onto a CD, and specifically how do you burn it on there so it boots right up - I set my systems cd drive as first priority on startup already. Thanks
  • pre_historic94pre_historic94 November 2009
    How did you burn the cd. Burn image file or burn data
  • MaxMax November 2009
    Burn img
  • cavalier911cavalier911 November 2009
    Download the md5 file for the iso you downloaded and open it in wordpad.
    Use a free tool such as HashCalc to verify the iso you downloaded match's the md5sum in the md5.
    Then use the verify disc function of imgburn to verify the cdrom you burned matches the verified iso.
    I recommend burning at the slowest speed available.
  • MaxMax November 2009
    Sorry I'm a bit new to all of this and I've done a lot of research - I just didn't do enough of this end I guess...
    Anyways where can I find the MD5 at?
  • MaxMax November 2009
    Idk why but it wasn't working on the laptop, went on desktop and burned very smooth............
  • PayoonPayoon November 2009
    Hi Max
    I would put the cd into the drive and then at the console You type /#: md5sum /dev/cdrom
    It takes a while and then You compare the output with the md5sum of the iso that is show together with the iso. If the md5sum is OK it should not be the cd problem.
  • cavalier911cavalier911 November 2009 the md5 next to the file you want verified.
    a1863e14427a4f3006a73efb52bbb5b0 slitaz-2.0.iso
    bc4c2f0dfb53280c8429405034b7f2fb slitaz-cooking.iso
  • ErjoErjo November 2009
    Check the boot order in the BIOS of your computer.
  • AndrewAndrew November 2009
    Hi all. I have just burned the iso file and start to boot. After starting installation it stops with a message saying that there is a problem with partition. Is there any suggestion of what to do?
    Thanks in advance,

  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Andrew, boot the live cd and run gparted to make/format a partition before running the installer.
  • AtleAtle November 2009
    Menu/system tools/gparted

    Wipe away Vista and choose Ext3 as a file format.

    Make sure you set a "boot" flag on the partion.

    I had some problems getting Slitaz (latest cooking)to see my SSD hardrive

    But the 2.0 did the job.

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