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brobleme d'instalation de get-virtualbox
  • xfredxfred July 2010

    voici jai tenter d'instaler virtualbox. apres avoir avoir updater la package list jai fait ceci :

    root@slitaz:/usr/bin# tazpkg get-install get-virtualbox --forced

    Connecting to (
    get-virtualbox-1.01. 100% |*******************************| 2612 --:--:-- ETA

    Installation of : get-virtualbox-1.01
    Copying get-virtualbox-1.01... [ OK ]
    Extracting get-virtualbox-1.01... 6 blocks
    Extracting the pseudo fs... (lzma) 6 blocks
    /usr/bin/tazpkg: line 22: can't open apache-ant/files.list: no such file
    Installing get-virtualbox... [ OK ]
    Removing all tmp files... [ OK ]
    get-virtualbox (1.01) is installed.

    root@slitaz:/usr/bin# get-virtualbox
    Connecting to (
    VirtualBox-3.2.6-631 100% |*******************************| 55069k 00:00:00 ETA
    Creating directory install
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing VirtualBox for Linux installation.........
    VirtualBox Version 3.2.6 r63112 (2010-06-25T14:18:40Z) installer
    Please install the build and header files for your current Linux kernel.
    The current kernel version is
    Problems were found which would prevent VirtualBox from installing.
    Please correct these problems and try again.

    apres verification linux-header est installer

    je vous donne aussi le contenu de /usr/src

    xfred@slitaz:~$ ls -R /usr/src/
    linux linux- linux-


    aufs2 linux-diff- linux-unlzma- url
    aufs2-base.patch buildtaz linux-freeinitrd-
    aufs2-kbuild.patch config linux-header- make-tazpkg.u
    aufs2-standalone.patch linux-squashfs-lzma- patches

    Documentation fs include



    debugfs-aufs sysfs-aufs


    aufs.h cpup.h debug.c dir.c finfo.c iinfo.c i_op.c loop.h opts.c rwsem.h sysaufs.c vfsub.c wkq.c
    branch.c dbgaufs.c debug.h dir.h f_op.c inode.c i_op_del.c opts.h sbinfo.c sysaufs.h vfsub.h wkq.h
    branch.h dbgaufs.h dentry.c export.c f_op_sp.c inode.h i_op_ren.c Makefile plink.c spl.h sysfs.c wbr_policy.c xino.c dcsub.c dentry.h file.c fstype.h ioctl.c Kconfig module.c poll.c super.c sysrq.c whout.c
    cpup.c dcsub.h dinfo.c file.h hinotify.c i_op_add.c loop.c module.h rdu.c super.h vdir.c whout.h



    les headers me semble present...
    j'ai donc aucune idee du probleme.

    s.v.p sauvez-moi :D .

  • hamzahamza November 2010
    where is the probleme
    whay i cant find get-virtualbox tazpkg in list of packages ?
  • xfredxfred November 2010

    my problem was sloved by a reinstall becose i was the only one how get this problem,

    have you updated your package list ??
    su -c 'tazpkg update' 

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