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how to run wine on slitaz?
  • dingleberrydingleberry April 2010
    I downloaded wine(1.1.29) already from this site and i am on linux. slitaz asks me which application to run it on how do i run the installer?
  • slicelslicel April 2010
    I am not sure what you mean but here is what works for me.

    Install the wine tazpkg through the slitaz package manager.

    Right-click a windows program, select "Open with" and "Open with another program," and enter "wine" (without quotation marks) to run with wine.

    That is normally all.

    You can select to view hidden folders/files in a file manager to view the user's ~/.wine folder.

    There is a command-line command to set different versions of windows (wineconf?) and another command to run dos programs.

    Winehq is a good website for details.

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